1930 Pre-Code ROMANTIC COMEDY Classic Movie Basil Rathbone, Constance Bennett, ZaSu Pitts

Hello! Have you seen this Classic? Yes? It’s a good time to watch it again–you’ll see and hear differently, I promise! Hint: A Marriage of convenience? Maybe ;D I the serious “Make Over” that takes place on the outside, AND inside of Constance Bennett~those clothes! :D. (I just read more about this film. At it’s release, the Tag Line for the movie was, “Oh, Lady–What Clothes!” Yep!) Never seen it? Well, then, here’s a true Romance Comedy Classic Movie. Basil Rathbone’s character is intriguing, also. He encourages her to use her “power” as a woman to get what she wants…hmmm… Let me know what you think! I love your comments and thumbs up! Cast: Constance Bennett as Sylvia Brenner Kenneth MacKenna as Gaylord Stanton Basil Rathbone as Reggie Durant Rita La Roy as Grace Lawrence Louis John Bartels as Richards John Roche as Sheridan Zasu Pitts as Annie Kendall Lee as Miss Munson Murrell Finley as Ruth Helen Johnson as Miss Graham Fred Walton as the butler

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