1938 (fixed!) Romantic COMEDY “The Rage of Paris” FUN! Classic Movie! Black and White Old Film TCM

Hello! You’re going to LOVE this movie for ALL ages :D It’s a FUNNY story that’s supported by great actors and actresses…Misha Auer, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Helen Broderick, Danielle Darrieux (she’s adorable and funny!) Actually, they’re all funny! It’s a real pleasure to upload this for you all! I’ll add a bit more when I have the internet back (we’re in SW Louisiana). Please watch and ENJOY! CAST: Danielle Darrieux (Nicole [de Cortillon]) Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (Jim Trevor) Mischa Auer (Mike) Louis Hayward (Bill [Jerome] Duncan) Helen Broderick (Gloria [Patterson]) Charles Coleman (Rigley) Samuel S. Hinds (Mr. Duncan) Nella Walker (Mrs. Duncan) Harry Davenport (Caretaker)

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