Comedy-Drama! Mr Celebrity 1940s Classic Movie Film Full Length Old Black

Hello Everyone! Heres a new Classic (heart-warming) Comedy with a great cast for you to enjoy! To set the scene just a bit for you.The Grandparents of an orphaned boy, are trying to get custody of him, rather than him living with his Uncle, who is a Veterinarian (this has to do with the environment, rather than the good heart, of his Uncle.) But.things are getting ready to drastically change for all these people, including the young boy! Please dont forget to SUBSCRIBE :) Cast: Robert Henry as Danny Mason (as Buzzy Henry) James Seay as Jim Kane Doris Day as Carol Carter William Halligan as Daniel Mason Laura Treadwell as Mrs. Mason Gavin Gordon as Travers Frank Hagney as Patrick J. Dugan, Private Detective John Berkes as Johnny Martin (as Johnny Berkes) John Ince as Joe Farrell Francis X. Bushman as Francis X. Bushman Clara Kimball Young as Clara Kimball Young Larry Grey as himself (aka Cardo the Great)

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