Comedy-Romance! “One Rainy Afternoon” Ida Lupino 1936 American Classic Movie

Here’s a Comedy for you ;-) Yay! I hope you enjoy this film! Let me know if you’d like me to dig for more Comedies to share, ok? **Pssst, Friends! Would you help me make a few cents for my time uploading Classic Movies by letting the commercial run through? (Or… if you’re in a generous mood… please “SUPPORT” me–even $1 a month would be sooo appreciated!–by clicking on that blue “support” word with the heart inside, on my HOME page, in the right-hand corner–see it? Thank you–reeeealy! ;-) This film should be very enjoyable to watch. It stars the beautiful actress/DIRECTOR of several films, Ida Lupino (quite a bit under appreciated, I think!) and an Animator from the “teens”, Francis Lederer. It was Directed by Rowland V. Lee and Produced by Mary Pickford (original Silent-Film sweet-heart! Could Ida Lupino have been inspired to Direct by Mary Pickford?) and Jesse L. Lasky. Other actors are the comical Mischa Auer, Hugh Herbert, Donald Meek, Roland Young, and others. You’ll recognize many! Here’s a tiny synopsis…Our main male character plans to meet his married (!) girl-friend at a darkened Cinema for a little covert snuggling. But…he sits in the wrong seat and kisses the unsuspecting daughter of a prominent Publisher–Ida Lupino! And the snowball of circumstance starts rolling downhill, picking up social scandal (French ;-) as it goes! Haha! If you are familiar with late 20s-30s actors and actresses, you will find many of them in this funny movie. Enjoy!

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