Romantic Comedy! Ladies in Love (1930) Full Classic Free Movie

Actress Alice Day at age 25 plays the part of New York City radio singing sensation Brenda LaSalle, engaged to the owner of the radio station. Far away in Vermont a young aspiring song writer has a song that is written just for Brenda . . . you see . . . Harry King is in love with the voice on the radio, and is certain that if she will sing his song he will become famous and the two of them will fall in love and get married. Of course, the Vermont small town girl everyone thinks he will marry may have something to say about it before this story has its happy ending. Harry packs his bag and takes his little bit of money with him and heads to New York City to meet singing star Brenda and create the ‘happily ever after’ that his dreams tell him is in his future. When Harry gets to the big city he discovers that it is nearly impossible to even meet Brenda, let alone show her his song or get her to fall in love with him. Harry is persistent though, and eventually the fates put him at a party that Brenda is hosting, and Brenda is made to believe that Harry is a Vermont millionaire with money to burn. Well, this makes Brenda very interested in Harry, and her engagement to the station owner was getting old anyway, because the station owner’s mother threatened to cut of his money if he married Brenda. So here we are, Harry and Brenda, and it looks like they will indeed fall in love, and even when Brenda learns that Harry is not a millionaire she decides that he is the man for her, and dumps the station owner like a bad habit. Now here is where it gets real interesting, since the story was filmed in 1930, a couple of years before the Hays Office would begin censoring movies and dictating how story lines could unfold. Just as Harry and Brenda are getting ready to get married and live happily ever after . . . Vermont girlfriend Mary, who by the way was seeing another fella while Harry was in New York, comes to New York City to find Harry, and believing that he will soon be rolling in cash tries to steal him away from Brenda . . . How does she do that? . . . Well, she goes to Brenda’s lush apartment and tells Brenda that not only has Harry promised to marry her, but she strategically pats her belly hinting that Harry has put a bun in her oven while they were dating in Vermont. This plot device could not have been used during the next 40 years while movies were being censored . . . Anyway . . . Once Brenda thinks that Harry has made Mary pregnant, she dumps Harry and calls him everything but a gentleman. Whew . . . it looks like Harry will never realize his dreams of either becoming a famous song writer or of having singing star Brenda as his wife . . . After Brenda tosses Harry out of her life he packs his bags and heads for the station with Mary, destined to go back to Vermont with the scheming, lying, unfaithful girlfriend from back home. Pop a big bowl of white kernel popcorn with plenty of warm melted butter on it and enjoy the show. A small town Vermont fellow falls in love with a New York City radio singing star, but she is about to be married to the radio station owner. Produced by George R. Batcheller Directed by Edgar Lewis Written by Charles Beahan The Actors: Alice Day (Brenda Lasalle), Johnnie Walker (Harry King), James P. Burtis (Al Pine, radio announcer), Marjorie Kane (Marjorie ‘Babe’ Kane), Freeman Wood (Ward Hampton), Dorothy Gould (Patsy Green), Elinor Flynn (Mary Wood), Mary Carr (Mrs. Wood), Mary Foy (Mrs. Tibbs, landlady), Bernie Lamont (Frank Jones). Please comment, like and subscribe for daily videos – Times Classic Entertainment – Great collection of old films & archive footage spanning the 20th century. Subscribe to grow our community of 20th century lovers!!!

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