Comedy TV Series: Beverly Hillbillies S02E05 – The Clampett Look.

WATCH Comedy TV Series: Beverly Hillbillies S02E05 – The Clampett Look Playlist: TV Episode: Title: “The Clampett Look” Season 2 Episode 5 Genres: Comedy, Family Summary: Cynthia Fenwick makes her filthy rich mother dress in the “Clampett Look” when they visit the Clampetts, since she thinks Elly is a fashion maven. That only reinforces the Clampett’s belief that the Fenwicks are poor. Release: 1963 Full Length: 25 min. Director: Richard Whorf Writters:Paul Henning (creator), Paul Henning Stars:Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas Source: beverly hillbillies episodes, [beverly hillbillies episodes], Episode beverly hillbillies, Episodes beverly hillbillies, beverly hillbillies full episodes, [beverly hillbillies full episodes], beverly hillbillies Full Episode, beverly hillbillies, Full, Episode, Episodes, [TV Series Full Episodes], TV Series, Full Episodes, Full Episode, Full episode beverly hillbillies, TV Series, TV Serie, Series, TV, Series TV, Serie TV, Season 1, Season, Seasons, Season 2, Full Serie, Full Series, beverly hillbillies Full Length, Full Length beverly hillbillies

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